Message from management

“Education is not the learning of facts, the training of the mind to think”, Said Albert Einstein. With immense pleasure I welcome you to our reputed institution, HDPY College of Arts and Science, Mattupuram. This college is headed toward empowering the youth and grooming them as individuals disseminating knowledge and goodwill. Our institution works in connect with the new and progressive policies of integrated and holistic learning that harmonized with scientific aptitude and nature. As the head of the institution, I am glad to be leading a dynamic team committed to making this institution a center of excellence. I am sure that the aspiring learners who enter the portals of this institution will find themselves transformed into empowered individuals capable of making wherever they go.

Dr: Cibi Komalan M.Sc.,M.Phil, Ph.D


It is our aim to inculcate true values into our students and teach them excellent qualities. It is the dream of our management to provide such a background to our college where all the facilities are provided to our students to mould their personality with the proper guidance from our teachers that help them to discover and develop their latent talents to enrich themselves. As we know, the identity of each student is shaped from the institution in which they study and HDPY College of Arts and Science, Mattupuram is committed to such a system. We welcome our students, teachers and non-teaching staff and wish them a productive year with full of joy and good health. We assure that the College Management will always be there to provide them with environment that will help to empower them and achieve their individual goals.